Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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May be because I was thinking too much about an old poster, or may be because the movie actually talks about it, but failure was the word that came to my mind when I saw the movie. Failure is not the opposite of success, is his twin. They follow the same path, but reach to very different results. You don't fail if you are unlucky, nobody says "I failed, I didn't win the lotto". You fail when your best is not good enough.

Saying that, lets talk about the movie: This is a 2006 move (late in Colombia as usual), that tell the story of Jorge. Jorge is in charge of his handicapped father, has been working as a doorman in a building where his father did the same job. His brother is in prison, and his old love has came back to town. Jorge studied finances, but is unable to get a job in that area, because... Well, because he always says the true, and when is asked about his life it sounds like a shit, because it is a shit on Jorge's eyes.

Jorge never gets what he wants, neither learns from his mistakes, and see no way to escape. His life seems like a big failure. He put his best, and got nothing in return. He tried to escape, and thought he had found a way out, just by quitting the game, but everything returns to it's original state. He realized you can quit the game. Because one laugh a lot watching the move, one can think they are making fun of adversity, but the overall feeling of the movie is quite pessimistic.

That kind of pessimistic view would be unthinkable in Spain in mid 90's, but times have change, and now being young is a nightmare to the Spaniards. They don't get good jobs even if they are well educated, they only get short time contracts, low salaries and no stability at all. Not very different from Colombia or any other third world country, but Spain is supposed to be a first world country, and (I guess) facing that reality is far more difficult for them that is for us, and Jorge show that shock.

I like to think that the movie has a moral after all. That doesn't matter if you don't get what you want, if your job is a shit, the woman you love makes your life miserable and your achievements are inexistent, you still can have fun in life. But after talking to a friend I think she is right, the moral is: "you can always fail, if you work hard enough on it, because loosing is an art."

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