Friday, August 08, 2008

Becasuse I want

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Sometimes you want to do something, but don't do it. Sometimes you can achieve amazing things. What is the difference between having a wish and making it real? I think the main difference is willingness. You can see your life as a boat. You have the sailing, the helm, and a bunch of aids to take your boat to the intended destination. The destination is dictated by your wishes, your hopes and your fears. Every action you take is the wind and the sailing, moving your life. And the helm is your will.

Not everybody has the willingness of a salmon, going upstream. It's easy to hold the helm in place with the sailing down. It's easy when you have an easy wind. It's easy to have a strong willpower if you are not doing anything with your life, if you just let it go. Sometimes the life becomes nasty, and makes your travel anything but pleasant, and you find yourself holding the helm against the wind and waves. Maybe you are strong enough to keep the course, maybe you just give up and let the boat free.

The life is moving, even if you don't know where it is going. Even if you don't fight for your your goal. But doing so won't take you anywhere. Now it seems I have a good wind. It's just time for me to set the course, and have the will to go, even if wind changes.

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