Sunday, January 04, 2009

The demons come at dawn

Leer "los demonios que llegan de madrugada"

They stand by my side, awaiting me as I wake up. They take different bodies. An un-death, a voodoo priest, a vampire looking figure, an old woman in a white tunic, a black male covered in white powder, a group of children dressed in white, a black demon, a ghost. Sometimes I can't see them, but I know they are there. I open my eyes and see them, quiet, motionless. Same as me. I don't know why they stay like that, but I know why I do: I can't move or talk. And it terrifies me.

It is not a dream because I'm not asleep. I'm not awake either. They are hallucinations related to a sleep disorder called sleep paralysis. There are no conclusive studies about the causes or treatment for this condition, and usually doctors won't do anything unless you are having serious trouble about it.

A very interesting issue is that most synthoms are shared by all patients, but most of them think their situation is unique, until they strart trying to research about it. In my case I realized I was not the only one because several members of my family have it too. But many could never be awere of their situation, and belive they are actually being visited by super-natural or alien beens. Here a short video that explains what is understood about this phenomenon.

How does it looks from outside:

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