Sunday, September 28, 2008

A message in a bottle

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Doing a quick search in google with the terms "message in a bottle found" we get a list of stories about bottles fond thousands of kilometers away from the place they started their journey. Some stories are interesting, some others aren't. You write a message, usually without a sender address, throw it to the sea, and forget about it. Most messages would end totally wet or polluting a beach somewhere, but a few or them are found by humans, and if they are the kind that has a sender, it is possible to contact him, and write a nice story about it in the local newspaper.

Too much randomness for me, always thinking about the future, the results, the paths. If I sent a message in a bottle, I would wait for an answer. But now I have some things that were sent away like bottles in the ocean, and only chance can bring them back. It doesn't depend on me. What depends on me is forgetting about it, and never ever wonder where the bottle with my message could be.

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